Drawer Slides Ultra

Drawer Slides Ultra

The Professional Range is developed for heavy/extreme duty sliding applications whereby a rugged, compact design is demanded by the professional engineer. Typical uses are train battery boxes, fire truck drawers and military systems.

Sliding Systems' extensive range of heavy duty telescopic slides are machined to provide highly accurate and smooth running 

Professional Range

movement, under considerable loading. By machining the ball tracks we can provide a beam contact on the ball bearings at four points, which allows for a slight pre-load and effortless extension.

The entire range is manufactured from high grade steel type C45 E+C which ensures a slide with strong raceways, fit for the industrial purpose they were designed. The performance is far superior to slides made from XC10 through to XC35 which suit a volume manufacturing process. 

The high strength steel slides have been designed to work under conditions of extreme shock and vibration, particularly applications of under slung battery boxes on trains and heavy drawers on specialist vehicles. The DTS range has the tried and tested 'I' beam format where strength and rigidity is required with minimal slide deflection. This method of manufacture is far superior to other processes where slides are made from rolled or drawn 'C' sections which are liable to failure on extreme applications.

The range is available in a number of formats which offer extensions from 50% through to 100% and even 200% of the slide's closed length. Our slides are tested to destruction and we confidently work up to 2,000kg with the largest profiles. 

Our heavy duty draw slides are available either ex stock or on very short lead times. As our standard manufacturing process for the Professional Range is taking stock lengths of cold drawn steel and machining to size, we are able to offer ANY size configuration without the need for expensive tooling, even on low volume.

Our Front Handle Locking System has been developed to work with the Professional Range as a secure, rugged means of securing the drawer. No more finger catching or long lead times having slides manufactured.

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 15.7040 - 7040 (100-250kg) ULTIO Super Extension 
05.7050 - 7050 (240-430kg) ULTIO 100% Extension
05.7055 - 7055 (216-387kg) ULTIO 120% Extension
05.8027 - 8027 (160-220kg) ULTIO Non Corrosive
15.4024 - DTS-40 (100-250kg) Heavy Duty
15.5030 - DTS-50 (140-390kg) Heavy Duty
15.6032 - DTS-60 (370-550kg) Extreme Duty
15.7032 - DTS-70 (415-650kg) Extreme Duty
15.9036 - DTS-90 (630-1125kg) Extreme Duty
15.1104 - DTS-110 (680-1500kg) Extreme Duty

15.1204 - DTS-120 (759-1650kg) Extreme Duty

15.1505 - DTS-150 (960-2040kg) Extreme Duty

15.8017 - STR-80 (120-270kg) Super Slim
15.1002 - STR-100 (170-420kg) Slim
15.7030 - TSR-70 (150-340kg) Slim Profile

15.9030 - TSR-90 (200-480kg) Slim Profile

15.7035 - QSRT-70 (160-270kg) Super Extension
15.9041 - QSRT-90 (245-340kg) Super Extension

15.1150 - QSRT-110 (310-440kg) Super Extension

15.1290 - QSRT-120 (440-720kg) Super Extension

15.4016 - OWS-40 (120-250kg) Partial Extension
15.5017 - OWS-50 (220-350kg) Partial Extension
15.7021 - OWS-70 (300-510kg) Partial Extension
15.9023 - OWS-90 (400-1000kg) Partial Extension
15.4019 - OWST-40 (120-250kg) Partial Bi-Directional
15.5019 - OWST-50 (220-350kg) Partial Bi-Directional
15.7029 - OWST-70 (300-510kg) Partial Bi-Directional
15.9029 - OWST-90 (400-1000kg) Partial Bi-Directional
15.4048 - DDTS-40 (80-200kg) 200% Extension
15.5060 - DDTS-50 (155-310kg) 200% Extension
15.7064 - DDTS-70 (120-380kg) 200% Extension
15.9072 - DDTS-90 (200-840kg) 200% Extension
15.1108 - DDTS-110 (300-1080kg) 200% Extension
15.1208 - DDTS-120 (330-1232kg) 200% Extension
15.1501 - DDTS-150 (590-1430kg) 200% Extension
15.4029 - DTSB-40 (100-250kg) Full Travel Front & Rear
15.5039 - DTSB-50 (140-370kg) Full Travel Front & Rear
15.7039 - DTSB-70 (375-650kg) Full Travel Front & Rear
15.9039 - DTSB-90 (460-1125kg) Full Travel Front & Rear

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